Connecting by Disconnecting


Social technology provides brands with a platform to connect directly with their audiences. Brands use these connection tools to form relationships, ie connections, with consumers. This unprecedented access has fundamentally changed the brand/consumer relationship. People log in, follow, rate, recommend, download and share in real time, whenever and wherever they choose to interact. The backlash to this uber-connectedness Continue reading

Fueling DYI Innovation


When I first heard of the Maker Faire, I dismissed it as one of those Renaissance gatherings where people trounce around in puffy sleeves and tights, spouting Shakespeare and downing mead. As reports flooded the blogosphere of hot new maker-created technology like 3D printers and microcontrollers, I decided ‘maker’ was code for tech geek. Turns out, makers are a little of both.

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Good Content a Must


“What you call ‘love’ was invented by guys like me. To sell Nylons.” Mad Men’s Don Draper summed up the marketing scene of yesterday, when advertisers told consumers what to buy, where to buy it, and in what color. Today, consumers want to know why they should buy it from you. Marketing has evolved from quick flings with hot products to committed relationships with brands. Continue reading

Social What?

Click on a random page in a communications plan or marketing strategy and odds are you’ll find the term “social.” Social engagement, social media, social traffic, social networks, social sites… the world has gone social and marketing is the veritable social butterfly. If we hope to do more than pay lip service to all this social-ness, we need first to understand what we’re talking about.
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