Comments and Geo-location for Twitter?

Just read an article on Read Write Web (huge fan) about some new releases that is may come to Twitter in the near future. This came out at the 140 Twitter Conference in a talk between Alex Paine (lead API at twitter) and Robert Scoble (scobleizer). This opens up some new opportunities and may be the beginning of Twitters much discussed business model on how they are suppose to make money. By making Twitter more adjusted to the users location, and making it easier to follow the thread of a conversation – they might just do the necessary steps to make the API more commercial to third parties that wants to use and take advantage of the power of Twitter.

If Twitter did indeed add a geo-references to every tweet, then that would open up the door to a wealth of new possibilities for developers. Suddenly, for example, it would be possible to develop an application that could pull in every tweet every made from a certain restaurant or bar.

There has also been rumors online today, that they plan to remove the 100 request limit per hour. This will clearly open up the possibilities for twitter applications to monetize on the API by serving their clients with freemium services. (simple app with request limit for free – and premium version without request limit for a fee.)

Scoble also got a chance to chat with Anamitra Banerji, who is actually working on Twitter’s commercial products. Banerji confirmed that Twitter is indeed trying to stay away from advertising based revenue models and is looking to sell data and feature to businesses instead. Twitter believes that consumers are not very likely to buy premium features

This is exciting news, and I expect more to come in the near future. What’s your take on this? Will Twitter present and reveal how they can make money on their microblogging system – and will they succeed?

– arnt

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