Facebook is #1

Facebook is according to AdAge, the number one company in online display ads as well, surpassing Yahoo and Google with more than 500 million dollars. Quite impressive, and once again just proves that the social network is one kingpin of a player to be reckoned with not only in regards to membership numbers but also as the leading online diplay marketplace:

Facebook doesn’t really have to try to become the biggest player in digital media; it simply is.

The social network is estimated to book $2.19 billion in ad revenue in the U.S. this year, all of it classified as display, according to the latest eMarketer research. That sum takes on new significance now that Yahoo and Google are estimated to make less in display than predicted. The firm projects Google will make $1.15 billion in display ads for 2011, down 10% from an earlier estimate, while Yahoo is expected to bring in $1.62 billion from banner ads, down less than 2% from an earlier analysis.

While mighty TV still commands the biggest slice of the ad business at 16%, compared to the internet’s 7%, according to ZenithOptimedia, more advertisers are making big branding bets online, an arena that has long been dominated by Google search and the direct-marketing companies that that kind of advertising attracts. In 2010, display advertising, which includes video, grew 23% — faster than search — according to the IAB.

Recognizing that challenge, Google has made aggressive moves into this area, bolstering its adv offerings on YouTube and recently paying $390 million for Admeld, a startup that helps publishers sell premium advertising. Yahoo and AOL have been offering bigger ad units that mimic the distracting nature of TV ads with videos that command the entire screen.

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There was reports the past weeks that Facebook had lost users in the US, which was claimed by the company to be wrong… and judging by the numbers it seems like there is now more drive in the social network than ever.

What is your take on the future of Facebook?

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