I did it! I needed to rethink, now it’s time to react

This is indeed exciting times. I started this journey a long time ago, actually back in the summer of 2009 in New York. I was going there to attend an event for the launch of Mitch Joel's then, upcoming book - Six Pixels of Separation - which in it self was an awesome experience...

but it was also the beginning of great connections and the small seed that now has become re:think. You see – the agent of Mitch Joel, David Evenchick has some pretty good connections, and when we started to talk it became clear that there were some thoughts and principles I had about communication and social media, that he thought would be interesting to use to create an conference. The day after I had the pleasure to meet Chris Anderson, the curator of TED – and we had an amazing meeting that even made it more clear to me what I wanted to do as a concept for a conference.

Since that summer, things has kinda been like a roller-coaster! I’ve used my international connections and got in touch with so many interesting and inspiring thought-leaders I truly admire to ask them to come join me in creating an event beyond the ordinary concept of a social media event. Thankfully the response have been positive. Almost all the great speakers and friends I have asked have said that they would love to come to re:think at some point.

The 3 speakers I have for the first re:think conference, October 11th is:

Tara Hunt, Pioneering expert in online communities and marketing

Jacob Morgan, Principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group and expert on Social CRM

Rohit Bhargava, Best selling author, Professor in Marketing and Senior VP of Ogilvy Group

…and myself

What a lineup! and I’m not talking about me in that sentence… but it has to be the best collection of speakers to kick off my conference. I’m truly happy, proud and grateful that they all said yes to be a part of this.

I’m going to write more about re:think in the days to come, so please stay tuned


arnt // curator


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