Oups, I did it again!

Sometimes you start on a journey you kind of don't know where it might take you, but after you've started, are so glad you did. I'm in the middle of that state of mind right now. As I've written previously, I planned this baby of mine - re:think - for months, even years. I must admit though - after the first one was over, I was exhausted. It seemed like I had managed to sustain such a high level of energy to make the whole thing happen, and on the day itself, I had to perform at my best being both the curator and one of the speakers as well. So the day after  the conference - all the air had gone out of the balloon. (me, that is).

Then – after a few days of well deserved and needed R&R, I felt ready to get started with the next one. Crazy – I know. But it was just such a great kick to actually make it happen, and the feedback from all the attendees and speakers was actually overwhelming and gave me fuel.

So – I did it… again.

First, I defined more specific and clear what I wanted the conference to be all about,  concluding with the following:

rethink is an intersection of ideas and principles within Social Business Marketing

I’m quite pleased with that one. Next I had to define the different topics that would provide and deliver on this vision of what I want re:think is all about. Granted, there are a lot of skillful people out there, but not all of them have the business savvy that has credibility within the corporate world to be looked upon of being those thought-leaders that can be relevant and provide true value. With some research and reaching out to my network of colleges – I found them.

Look at this lineup:

  • Valeria Maltoni from Conversation Agent will speak about the Principles of Business in the Age of the Social Customer
  • Gini Dietrich will provide insights behind the Principles of Online Reputation
  • Maggie Fox, and the Principles of Corporate Marketing
  • Mitch Joel will rock on stage speaking about the Principles of Future Marketing
  • Chris Brogan will come and present the Principles of “the Next Big Thing” for Business

The scary part of this is that getting these amazing speakers is merely 20% of making the conference happen. It’s a matter of getting the website be as presentable and clear in it’s message as possible. Make the call-to-action, easy and accessible. Get the necessary amount of sponsors to have the guarantee financing in order, find the right venue, the right suppliers and define all the details around the customer journey for the attendees.

Next step – when all the above is done – is all about selling the tickets and get the people aware of the conference, make the message clear and prove that it is different than the rest of them. Hopefully convince media to write about what is to come, which is not an easy thing, since a conference is a commercial event and it’s not looked upon as relevant to the free press – they might write about the speakers, IF the angle is right.

That’s where I am now. I’m done with everything of planning and the nitty-gritty details. Now it’s just to make everyone aware of the conference, it’s great speakers and the content we’ll provide and in the end sell tickets. That’s it… it’s that simple, yet that hard.

But I’m confident about the vision, concept, strategy, speakers, content, and topics. This will be the conference that will provide the true value of how to have success within Social Business Marketing. Well, that’s what I hope will be the perceived experience when March 29. is done and over with.

The fun thing is – it started as a consequence of me re:thinking my life and career – and it made me re:act and make change. That’s what I want to pass on. I want to ignite a spark, bring ideas and prove that by focusing on the Principles of Marketing, take a step back and re:think the whole in perspective of the digital age, it will make a difference.

So – now I would like to ask you, what is your thoughts about the content and idea of the conference? (click to get to the site) any input you would like to give? I’m all ears and open to all thoughts that can make it an even better product than what it is now.




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