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Control and Perspective

I have worked in the marketing and advertising space for more than 2 decades now, and one thing that always has been an issue is scheduling and tracking the hours spent on projects and work related tasks. Where does the hours go - and how much money have you earned (or worst, lost) on a project. 

Many complex systems are out there, but to me it is a simple choice. A former colleague of mine is the founder of Timely – a simple and visually pretty way to schedule and track your hours and resources.

Schedule your hours, and you’ll spend no time tracking them
You’re already planning – whether it’s weekly, daily, or even just a few hours ahead. Move your schedule to Timely, and you will be logging hours simultaneously.

3 months ago the founder, Mathias Mikkelsen went to Silicon Valley and stayed with a entrepreneur collective to get more inspiration and see how to proceed with his startup. Now Timely is used by more than 15000 companies in more than 101 countries.

I have been a user since the alpha and beta stage of the app – and I must say it has now grown into a simple, user-friendly and visually beautiful app that keeps track of my own and my teams resources, and keeping me on track according to budget. It also provides my clients a report on where the hours have been spent, which makes everything so much easier. The app works wonderfully on the online app, and with the mobile app – time tracking is done on the go on your phone as well. I love the simplicity and its intuitive and engaging way to track hours.

Fun fact. Since Mathias is such a complete entrepreneur, doing all his own designs, implementation and coding, it’s a given that a lot of companies has shown interest. Facebook offered him a job to be a part of the core team of product designers, and Google offered him a job as well. He declined both – because he follows his dream, and firmly believes that Timely will go places. The best thing – and what I think will make a huge difference for his company is his humble approach and likeable attitude. He answers all support emails himself, and is available on Skype for those that wants a more direct line of communication. Now that is remarkable, and it will make a difference!

If you are like me and thousands of other people that are just hating the thought of filling out a timesheet and logging your hours in some dinosaur system which looks like it was made back in the 1980’s – do yourself and your company a favour and check out Timely. It will make a huge difference to the whole experience, and better yet – improve your bottom line.

What are your thoughts on time tracking?

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