The New Role of PR

The huge successes that companies have had with content marketing have led more and more of them to divert money into similar campaigns.

What is unusual, however, is the corresponding rise in the role of PR specialists within those same companies. Public relations is often thought of as being solidly part of the traditional style of marketing, while content marketing is thought of as part of the new digital era, so for them to co-exist at all is unusual. What is even more unusual than that is that content marketing and PR are increasingly to be found working hand in hand with each other!

While PR has fallen out of favour in recent years due to our societal shift in favour of digitalisation, companies have recently been reminded of the usefulness of having someone on staff who truly understands marketing at a deep level, even if they traditionally did not deal with digital marketing. The speed of the rise of digital marketing and digitalisation meant that companies were almost forced to switch into digital channels, regardless of whether they were truly equipped to deal with the changes needed for this.

Having a PR expert on staff will not only give companies someone to hold their hand through the more difficult areas of creating good marketing schemes, but it also offers companies guaranteed access to the more traditional aspects of marketing as well. According to the website, PR has been reinventing itself as “the custodian of content for brands” in recent years, perhaps specifically so that they can keep up with the changing trends in marketing, rather than be obsolete.

The advantages of having PR – as well as having a dedicated marketing expert on hand at all times – is that PR is still inextricably tied to traditional news sources. Despite the ever-increasing digitalisation of society, most people still trust traditional news sources over other sources of information. Having PR experts working in your marketing team can give you company more credibility in the eyes of the public at large, because they can use their links to traditional news sources in the company’s favour.

The advantages to using connections to mainstream media in your marketing include the fact that you will avoid seeming self-serving. Any news delivered solely from a company’s blog or website is inevitably going to suffer from the stigma of seeming like it is acting solely from its own interests. A PR employee can offset this stigma, and make content marketing work to the advantage of the company they are working for, by mixing content marketing with traditional marketing, as is their speciality of the day.


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