5 Ways For High Tech Marketers to Gain Credibility in the Mass Market

When it comes to high tech marketing, gaining credibility with the mass market is the key to long-term success. This coveted group, known as the Early Majority is possible to penetrate when you follow some basic principals that have proven successful in the High Tech arena.

To gain credibility with the Early Majority, you must understand how they think.

How Does The Early Majority Think?

  • They buy a product when it’s released to the public and when they can read its reviews.
  • They expect new products to solve their problems and be simple to use.
  • They prefer a more mature product, with better design, more features and integrations, and fewer bugs.

The challenge for innovators and marketers is to reach the Early Majority market and gain loyalty while doing so.

How Does Your Company Reach the Early Majority?

  1. Choose a Target Market – Target a niche market within your field. Pick a market segment that suits your company’s ambitions. You’ll need to become the market leader, which is essential to the Early Majority.
  1. Deliver A Whole Product – You will need a complete feature set with all major bugs eliminated, and fulfill the marketing promises you make to your customer.
  1. Create Competition – Attracting the Early Majority requires competition as a necessary condition for success. If there is no competition, they will not buy your product.
  1. Sell Effectively – The best way to reach The Early Majority is through direct sales. Face to face meetings helps to penetrate the initial target segment.
  1. Position Yourself Properly Position your product between the company currently providing a similar solution and another that delivers an alternative solution. Price yourself in line with the product similar to yours as you are fighting for their current customers.

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